Holiday Hours 2017

The holidays are fast approaching! United Disposal works hard to keep things regular for our loyal customers which is why we only alter our schedule for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day (and those pesky rainy/snowy days). This year, the schedule will look like the following which goes for┬áboth recycling […]

Holiday Hours 2016

The holidays are upon us again! We hope yours are filled with good memories, family, and serving others. To make sure our employees have time to be with their families, during the Thanksgiving week our pickup schedule will be adjusted as follows: If your normal pickup day is Thursday, you […]

Celebrating our Independence

We are fast approaching our annual celebration of independence from a foreign land. As we prepare for hot dogs, family, and fireworks I hope we all take a minute to reflect on the value of living in this great land. The liberty and independence we enjoy daily was bought at […]

Holiday Hours 2015

Tis the season! Once more we come to the holiday season, with a focus on giving thanks, remembering Christ, and focusing on our future in a new year. It seems that each year goes by just a little faster, and I hope that everyone has a chance to slow down […]

When the Cold Wind Blows

I know our calendars aren’t quite caught up yet, but it sure feels like winter to me. The wind and the rain seem to be combining to keep us safely indoors and trying to stay warm. Be assured our drivers will weather the weather and continue to provide superior service […]

Welcome Ash Fork Customers

We would like to announce our latest business expansion. After hearing from a number of people that there was space for our unique company, we decided we could bring our brand of superior service and solid dependability to the Ash Fork area. And so we have. For anyone who is […]

The Tale of the Shoe Brand

Shoes are interesting things. We don’t really think much about them until they don’t work. Branding on shoes is consequently very important. If a brand of shoes becomes known for poor quality, sales of it’s products will go down drastically as people look down the road for a better deal. […]

When Our Customers Bring Their Friends

W. Edwards Deming once said, “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” How true it is. While we don’t hear of them often, we all know of those companies that have put effort into treating their […]

Long Term Relationships

As I go about my days buying, selling, and living just like many of you, I am regularly reminded of the value of long term relationships with the companies I do business with. Trusting I will be treated with respect and honesty in the long term means a lot when […]

Recycling and you!

As we head deeper into summer, we find many people asking about recycling. Common concerns we hear include what is recyclable, what our recycling schedule is, and what makes our recycling program better. Recyclable Materials: Currently, we recycle metals, plastics, paper, cardboard, and now glass! If you have any particular […]